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Memlin is a lightweight, easy and highly configurable event management tool for all of your courses, events, webinars, seminars and educations.

Just like a sidekick Memlin will be there to help before, during and after your event.

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Make event participants into supporters

Helping corporations make day to day events professional and manageable


Get started in seconds

Create reply pages in no time, gather participants to your event and send sms reminders and surveys automaticly.

Computer windows

Build your own event platform

Create event templates and invite your co-workers to administrate their own events - following your corporate identity and graphical design.

Two users

Easy and dynamic to use

Easy to use and customize. Create scheduled invitation emails, save templates and reuse your data. Dedicated support.

Customer case stories

Memlin is a user friendly system that is used in many innovative ways

Control many events using an abstract

Flexibility and the easiness to handle several events simultaneously made Lindex choose Memlin for their customer meetings and events.

"I can do this in an hour and a half, which took at least 1-2 working days in the past."

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Accommodation fees and event bookings

West Coast Bugmeet is a yearly meeting for Volkswagen enthusiasts. Despite the relentless rain, this year was really successful.

"The workload has decreased enormously with Memlin"

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West Coast Bugmeet

Workshops and educational meetings

Lin Education's several workshops, meetings and training seminars led to an overwhelming workload with manual administration before they switched to Memlin.

"It has felt like a win-win for everyone!"

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Lin Education

Customer testimonials:

Vi har precis börjat använda Memlin och är väldigt nöjda med hur mycket tid det sparar för oss. Man får snabbt koll på planeringen och materialet som skickas ut ser väldigt proffsigt ut. Att supporten är snabb när man behöver är också ett stort plus!
Malin Gelberg - Ryds Glas
Malin Gelberg
Ryds Glas
You can always trust Memlin to be available for discussion and find the best possible solutions. Memlin is constantly developing and together we have designed and adapted features that has simplified and streamlined our events at Engdahl&Berg; including offering a smooth and improved solution for our participant management.
Kajsa Karlsson - Engdahl & Berg
Kajsa Karlsson
Engdahl & Berg event agency
Memlin is not only graphical nice and user-friendly. The persons behind are also professional and pleasant at every level. They have understood the value in the balance between hard and soft values. I highly recommend them
Rebecca Krantz - Holistic future
Rebecca Krantz
Holistic future
Memlin really makes my daily work easier. Competent and easily accessible support is a big plus!
Therese Wistedt - ILT
Therese Wistedt
We have many bookings. Before Memlin this took quite some time internally and demanded a lot of patience. Now, most of it solves itself with the help of Memlin and their super fast customer service!
Anna Edlund - KPMG
Anna Edlund

Manage educations, courses, events and seminars without excel and your own email address.

The best tools from heavy, complex event management systems made into a friendly and accessible service.

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You're in total control!

Be more efficient

Free up time with less manual work

One system

Get an overview of the entire process instead of switching between different systems

Follow up

Easy to follow up your activities and events


Create a more efficient workflow by communicating with your co-workers within Memlin

Cloud based system

No local installations needed, always latest version

Language and currencies

Create events in several languages with several different currencies

Your unique event

Use your own graphical design and colors

Achieve goals with the event and participants
with a flexible platform which can be set up to match your needs
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