User terms and conditions

Version 2020-03-25

Memlin AB offers a web service named Memlin for sending invitations, managing registrations and sending e-tickets as well as services in conjunction to this. Memlin provides the technical system and assumes no responsibility for the users' commitments or arrangements. Please read our full user terms and conditions below.

Revision history Changes in Version 2020-03-25 - General update of paragraph 6 - Clarification of what happens after a written cancellation has been registered. Changes in version 2019-12-13 - Terms and conditions updated and translated to English - Privacy policy page translated to English - Link to privacy policy added Changes in version 2019-09-10 - General uppdates to make the terms and conditions clearer. - Clarification of the terms and conditions applicable for paid events. - Paragraph about "single event upgrade" deleted since this function has been removed in the system. Changes in version 2018-05-25 - To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have made the Personal Data Access Agreement as an appendix to our General Terms and Conditions. - Terms regarding the handling of personal data now refer to our Privacy Policy and our Personal Data Access Agreement. - The text under Personal Data now refers to these documents.

1. Personal data Read more in our privacy policy concerning how we handle your personal data within the system. As a Memlin user you act as the Personal Data Controllerer while Memlin act as the Personal Data Processor. In addition to our general conditions we have a privacy policy describing these parts. 2. Information posted on Memlin Memlin AB takes no responsibility for information or pictures that the user of the system chooses to send via Memlin. Should any kind of illegal information be found, this will be immediately removed and reported to concerned authorities. The user is responsible for compliance with copyright, personal data law and other laws and regulations within the territory of usage. 3. Usage of the system Memlin as a web service may not be used to disseminate advertisement to a physical person or information that contravenes Swedish law. Messages sent through the system shall be linked to an arranged event. The user understands that Memlin's web service may only be used in legal ways and that Memlin AB will not be responsible for any third party claims directed to Memlin, comprising but not limitied to claims of infringement of third party intellectual property rights. The users agrees to hold Memlin non-liable to all of the claims mentioned. 4. Obligations for event organizers Organizers are required to describe the event correctly and keep their information up do date. The organizers are always fully responsible for the published information. This information must not violate any applicable laws or regulations or be false, incorrect or misleading. Neither may it intend to change Memlin's functionality. 5. Paid events Memlin users have the option to add price and availability, and have full responsibility for this. The user is obliged to check the technical implementation for cash flows himself, eg by regularly monitoring his sales revenue and possibly making test payments himself. The user is responsible to understand and follow rules for VAT, taxes and other fees which apply to the event, as well as paying them where applicable. Organizers who sell tickets/events through Memlin are obliged to carry out the event as planned - so far as there are no special preventive reasons. If the event gets canceled, or when a buyer has not received the ticket or similar, the organizer is always obliged to reimburse each buyer the amount paid. Memlin service and administration fees will not be refunded if the arrangement is canceled. 6. Agreement, prices and validity In order to use the Memlin web service, the user must accept our terms and conditions. Upgrading the account will involve a cost that is specified in the original agreement. Payment period is specified at the time of order. Memlin offers tailored subscriptions to suit specific user needs. Our subscriptions are charged up front either yearly or quarterly, depending on your chosen plan. Subscriptions are renewed on a continuous basis until the user gives a written notice. The service is then terminated after the last day of the current payment period. Users have full access to the service, including Memlin support chat, during this period even after a written cancellation has been registered. Upon cancellation, no refund of the already paid fee will be made. 7. Obligations for Memlin AB Memlin AB is not responsible or liable for direct or indirect damages and financial losses due to errors, delays, imperfections or similar cases. In no case is compensation paid for indirect damage, such as lost profits, other consequential or indirect economic loss, reduced production or obligations to third parties. Memlin works continuously with security and preventative measures to keep the service secure. However, Memlin AB is not liable for damages if someone infringes on our server resources and gains access to, destroys or distorts information. 8. Interruptions of the service Memlin strives to always be online, however, interruptions can occur. Should an interruption occur and information is lost, no compensation is paid and Memlin disclaims all liability. In the event of planned server maintenance, users are notified well in advance so that no information is lost. Irrespective of any problems that may exist on the platform, the user should always strive to perform their duties towards their participants. 9. Events Events that are illegal, unethical, abusive, discriminatory or in other ways unwarranted may not be published on Memlin. Should such an event still be published, Memlin has the right to remove the event at any time without prior notice to the organizer. For events that violate the above and are removed, the organizer is obliged to pay a refund to each participant that already has registered for the event. 10. Suspended accounts Memlin reserves the right to suspend users who act unethically, destroy for others or uses the system improperly. 11. Copyright and Intellectual Property This agreement does not transfer copyright or other intellectual property rights concerning Memlin to the user. The User may not copy or modify the Memlin platform nor material and content that belongs to Memlin AB. The user may not transfer or assign the user rights/Memlin account to anyone, unless it has been agreed with Memlin in writing. 12. Cookies Memlin uses cookies. A cookie is a small file that the web browser receives from the system. This is used to store information about where the visitor has been to facilitate and provide a better user experience. It is possible to turn off cookies in the web browser, but this will also affect some functionality. 13. Changes in this agreement Memlin has the right to change the fees and terms and conditions after a written notice on Changes to Memlin's pricing for existing users must be announced in good time so that users have time to change agreements or terminate the service. Memlin does not own the right to change the pricing for existing users, without users' consent, during the term of the agreement.